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[Joe Casey Interview]If there's a comic out there that Joe Casey isn't writing, someone should tell him.

Joe Casey is one of the most active writers in comics today. He's currently handling the writing chores on three monthly titles, "Adventures of Superman," "Automatic Kafka" and "Wildcats Version 3.0," all for DC/Wildstorm. He's also got his hands dipped in a variety of other project like "Hip Flask" for Active Images, "Kiss" and a short piece in the "Reveal" anthology for Dark Horse, "Immigrant Song" which appears as a back up in Funk-O-Tron's "Battle Pope," "Batman: Tenses" and "The Darwin Theory" for DC and "Monolith," an original graphic novel for AiT/PlanetLar.

Recently I got the chance to sit down with Casey for a while to discuss comics, this industry and his other love, music. In this

Real Audio only interview we talk about all his current comics projects and what you can expect from them. How are "Superman," "Kafka" and "Wildcats" coming along and how does he keep up with the monthly grind? We ask him why a comic like "Kiss" appeals to him and what it's been like working with band leader Gene Simmons. He talks about "Hip Flash" and tells you how it's definitely not just another talking animal comic. Do you know why people might say Casey goes too far with "Immigrant Song?" You'll find out why. Plus, where "Batman: Tenses" is and what you will see inside the pages of "The Darwin Theory" and "Monolith."

In the latter half of this Interview I talk with Casey about the current state of the comics industry. What does he think of the retro trend in comics? Is it healthy? What does he think of CrossGen's new publishing arm? What's his opinion of the on-line

DSL/Cable Stream

world of comics fandom? What other passions does he have? All this and much more.

But this isn't your normal Real Audio Interview. No, Casey wouldn't have that. In addition to all the above you'll be treated to two tracks off the upcoming album from "The Sellouts," of which Casey is a member. We start the interview off with the short, it's only a minute long, but frenetic "One Moment" and 17 minutes into this interview we play another track, this one a bit longer, "Dedication." He also spends some time talking about music and the band and what would happen if the band took off. Would he stay in comics? You'll have to listen to find out.

AiT/PlanetLar publisher Larry Young also provided us with a couple new preview pages from "Monolith." Click the images below to see more.

For more pages from "Monolith" see our story from May, 2002.

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