Joe Casey "Dances" with Super Young Team in "Final Crisis Aftermath"

They came. They saw. They saved the Multiverse.

In May's "Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance," creators Joe Casey and ChrisCross join forces to present the first DC Comics series to headline the Super Young Team. The brainchild of Grant Morrison, Japan's top-tiered titans were first teased in "52" and played a limited and yet all-important role in "Final Crisis" #7.

So after saving the Multiverse, what's next for Most Excellent Superbat, Big Atomic Lantern Boy, Shy Crazy Lolita Canary, Shiny Happy Aquazon and Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash?

CBR News checked in with writer Joe Casey to find out.

CBR: The names alone of Japan's pre-fab five make us want to know more about them. How deep into the Super Young Team's history and origin will you dive into for this series?

Joe Casey: It's not about where they come from. It's all about where they're going. The idea that they were pre-fab, pre-packaged superheroes looking to have an authentic, genuine adventure - and the one they found just happened to decide the fate of the Multiverse - is already a good one.

But the idea that they came back to Earth and discovered that no one knew what the hell they did is an even better one. To help save all of reality and not be able to take credit for it, well, that'd tweak anybody's twanger. Now, having said all that, as the series unfolds, we'll probably roll out a detail or two that illuminates who these characters are, maybe give a hint of insight into their pasts, but only in service of the story we're telling.

Did you speak with Grant Morrison at all about the team members and their back-story?

Y'know, he didn't even know the book was happening until after I got the gig. But we've been good pals for a few years now, so he quickly gave us his blessing, which is all you can hope for in situations like this, when they're characters that are so obviously and uniquely Grant's creations. Personally, I know I'd rather read a Super Young Team book that Grant himself was writing, but if he's not gonna' do it, I guess I might as well. Thankfully, he already worked out quite a bit of the characters, some of that work we've all seen in the "Final Crisis Sketchbook" they put out last summer. Now, as I get deeper into writing the series, I may end up making a long distance call or two to his majestic and sultry Scottish castle, but for now, so far so good.

What can you share with us heading into the series? Any details on what we might see and who these heroes really are?

I can tell you that in #1 you'll see Super Young Team in their hot new satellite headquarters, complete with a trophy room full of superhero trophies that aren't even theirs. Beyond that, you'll see them fight an unseen enemy. You'll see how the world reacts to how fucking fabulous they are. You'll see them dealing with feelings of love and rejection. You'll see a bit of cosplay. You'll see the return of Innovative Concepts, Inc. - an '80s shout-out, yo! You'll see the fate of Midway City. And you might even see Most Excellent Superbat make out with himself. And that's just off the top of my head. I have a list written down somewhere.

Most Excellent Superbat twitters way too much. Big Atomic Lantern Boy's got an insatiable appetite. Shiny Happy Aquazon's got superpowers we haven't seen yet. Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash's quicker than you think and Shy Crazy Lolita Canary. Well, she likes to get her drink on. How's that?

And please tell us we get to see more of the Wonder Wagon in "Dance?"

I feel your love, because I share it. The Wonder Wagon will makes its glorious return in #2.

Do any other DCU heroes or villains make an appearance in the series?

Yes on both counts. Some you might expect, others you'd never be able to guess.

Does this series set up the team for use in a later project?

I'm pretty sure that's the idea here, to really integrate these characters more fully into the DCU. But, then again, that implies that they all get through this story in one piece.

Finally, what can you say about the work of ChrisCross?

I can say that I love it almost unconditionally. I think he's absolutely one of the best in the business. And one of its best-kept secrets. Cross and I have been trying to - and dying to - work together for years. Y'know, we were primed to do a "Velocity" series for Top Cow and although I wrote and got paid for three issues and Cross penciled a first issue that was so visually stunning and the best-looking thing Top Cow would've published this year, somewhere along the line that famous Top Cow brand of common sense disappeared into an unexpectedly bizarre rift in time and space, they started firing staff left and right - including our beloved editor - and our book was suddenly no more, resulting in an obviously broken promise to four million Pilot Season voters. Ouch.

But, hey, their loss is DC's gain, right? Before you could say, 'Diamond minimums,' Cross and I landed on this series, which, let's face it, is a lot cooler and will probably sell a few more copies.

"Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance" #1 goes on sale May 21 from DC Comics.

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