Joe Casey and Nathan Fox take the reins on <i>Haunt</i>

Joe Casey and Nathan Fox have been named as the new creative team on Haunt, replacing co-creator/writer Robert Kirkman and artist Greg Capullo with September's Issue 19.

Co-created by Todd McFarlane, the Image Comics series centers on Daniel Kilgore, a Catholic priest who's haunted by the ghost of his estranged brother Kurt, a murdered secret agent. The two combine to form the superhero Haunt.

"The word 'haunt' is a very evocative word," McFarlane tells USA Today. "I didn't think we had hit that word yet in terms of being dark and moody and creepy in some of the things." Casey says that he and Fox, who collaborated on Marvel's Dark Reign: Zodiac, are taking "a real grindhouse/exploitation approach to the series. Hopefully the end result will be appropriately lurid and over-the-top while being a real nail-biter at the same time."

Kirkman is reportedly leaving Haunt because of demands on his time by AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead -- the second season began shooting this week outside of Atlanta -- while Capullo is teaming with writer Scott Snyder on the September relaunch of DC Comics' Batman.

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