Joe Books' "Darkwing Duck" Omnibus to Lead into New Ongoing

Former "Darkwing Duck" artist James Silvani has announced via Tumblr that the Terror that Flaps in the Night is coming back to comics -- and the new "Darkwing Duck" series looks to pick up where the previous BOOM! Studios series left off. The new series will be published by Joe Books, which will also release an omnibus of the 16-issue run of "Darkwing Duck" originally published by BOOM!, written by Ian Brill and drawn by Silvani in 2010 and 2011.

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"The best news of all is this collection will lead right into an all new Darkwing Duck ongoing series coming in 2015 from Joe Books," Silvani wrote on Tumblr. "Aaron [Sparrow] and I have already begun and will give more details as soon as possible."

Fans of "Darkwing Duck" will likely remember the BOOM! Studios ongoing series, part of a line of Disney Afternoon-based comics including "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers" and "Ducktales." According to Silvani, Sparrow, the editor behind the "Darkwing Duck" comics at BOOM!, "painstakingly rewritten the book to bring it in step with the classic Disney Afternoon series" -- it was not disclosed whether Sparrow would be writer or editor on the book moving forward, though his Twitter bio currently reads "Writer of the Darkwing Duck comic book."

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In 2011, disagreement between Sparrow and Brill on the authorship of "Darkwing Duck" became public. Following comments by Sparrow stating he had a role in writing the "Darkwing" comics, Brill responded in an interview on CBR, saying, "It is baffling that Aaron would claim to have plotting credit on the 'Darkwing' stories. I plotted and wrote all the 'Darkwing' stories and he was my editor. The relationship was never anything more than just writer and editor: I would write the stories, plots and scripts, and he would do what an editor does. He put together the team, put together the book and saw it go out for the first three issues, before he was removed from BOOM."

The Toronto-based Joe Books is currently an unknown quantity, sporting a spartan website and a Twitter profile that seems to have been created within the last month -- with a bio that describes itself as "Publishers of Disney, Marvel and Pixar" comics and books. Bleeding Cool reports that former Dreamwave employee and BOOM! Studios Vice President Adam Fortier is currently publisher at Joe Books, though there are little further details about the company available online -- and how the company has obtained rights to publish books based on Disney properties is currently unknown. (Of course, Disney already has a rather prominent comic book publisher under their corporate umbrella in the form of Marvel.)

CBR News has reached out to Disney and Joe Books for comment.

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