Jodie Foster Joins <i>District 9</i> Director's <i>Elysium</i>

It might not be District 10, but Neill Blomkamp's next movie is shaping up quite nicely nonetheless.

Having already secured Sharlto Copley and Matt Damon for starring roles, Blomkamp's latest casting coup comes in the form of Jodie Foster. Deadline reports that the actress is joining the cast of Elysium, returning to science fiction for the first time since Contact.

Foster's role is currently unspecified, which isn't surprising given the fact that, well, nothing has been specified quite yet. Okay, not exactly nothing: with the exception of casting, the only things we know about Elysium are that it takes place on another planet in the future and that it sports sociopolitical undertones ala District 9. Beyond that, all we've got to go on is Damon's own assessment of the project: "It's a great idea. It's 100 percent Neill, I'll put it that way. And that's about the highest kind of praise I can give it." For now, that'll have to be good enough.

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