Jock and Francavilla help Mondo celebrate Batman's 75th

For those of us who can't make it to Austin for Mondo's gallery show celebrating the 75th anniversary of Batman, Slashfilm has rounded up all of the prints and paintings on display. It's an incredible collection of works that draws inspiration from television, film and comic books, although more the first two than the list.

However, ROBOT 6 favorites Jock and Francesco Francavilla do stick close to home with their contributions: Batman: Year One (in regular and variant varieties), by Jock; Batman & Dracula: Red Rain by Francavilla; and Batman: The Black Mirror, a collaboration between the two of them.

"When they approached me about participating at the gallery, they asked if there was a story I wanted to tribute," Francavilla writes on his blog. "Gotta say I always have been a huge fan of RED RAIN and Kelly Jones work, and I like horror (as you know), so the pick was easy."

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