Joaquin Phoenix Isn't Intimidated by Heath Ledger's Joker Performance

Joaquin Phoenix

Although Joaquin Phoenix previously implied he had no knowledge of Warner Bros.' planned Joker origin film, the Oscar nominee now suggests he's given some thought to the role, and wouldn't be concerned about inevitable comparisons to Heath Ledger's celebrated performance in The Dark Knight.

"There are different interpretations," Phoenix told Collider. "It’s so interesting; I was just thinking about it today, it seems so unique in some ways to comic books. I think there’s probably room for that. Maybe it’s like doing a play, like you always hear about people doing something, 'You should have seen this actor in this performance,' but then other actors do it and it’s a different kind of film. I think that genre, comic books, kind of lends itself to having different people play the same character and interpret it in a different way. It’s kind of built into the source material in some ways. I think it’s cool when people do that."

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Although Phoenix didn't give any indication whether he might accept the role as the Clown Prince of Crime, he did confirm that he's met with director Todd Phillips, and has an interested in superhero movies.

"I think about superhero movies the way that I imagine Westerns were," he said. "There were just these comics that were like Westerns, and then they started making movies. At some point, someone came along and was like, 'Wait a minute, we can actually really explore something here, about humanity and the character.' I think that there’s that potential with any movie."

Warner Bros.' plans for a Joker origin movie outside of the continuity of the DC Extended Universe for surfaced in August, with Phillips (The Hangover) on board to direct from a script he co-wrote with Scott Silver (8 Mile). Martin Scorsese will reportedly produce.

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