Jo Chen covers kick ass

Jo Chen delivers some of the most gorgeous and striking comic book covers in the business. Her work first caught my eye on Runaways, and she's continued her stellar track record on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

Chen's flowing style, dynamic compositions and easy naturalism always comes through beautifully, even though she does most of her work digitally. (Broke my heart to learn that, only because it meant there were no original Jo Chens to own.) Best of all, she's got a playful sensibility that keeps the covers from getting bogged down in overwrought gravitas, no matter the subject. For my money, she's right up there with James Jean and J.G. Jones. (What's with all the J names? OK, Paul Pope too.)

Luckily for me and the other Jo Chen fans out there, Dark Horse has assembled a glorious gallery of Chen's Buffy work on its website. Trust me when I say it was a painful Sophie's Choice to pick just one piece to post here -- it is well worth your time to experience them all for yourself.

Scott Allie (Chen's editor on Buffy and an expert on breathtaking covers) announced the gallery in his most recent column on Dread Central -- don't miss it for insight into Chen's creative evolution at Dark Horse, and the connection between pomegranates and vampires.

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