DC's JLA Replacement Team, The Justice Foundation, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League of America #29, by Steve Orlando and Hugo Petrus, on sale now.

In the finale of Justice League of America, Steve Orlando and Hugo Petrus introduced the next step in the evolution of the superhero. Being a superhero isn't just about fighting villains, it's about making the world a better place and effecting real change with the powers and resources at their disposal. Now punching bad guys is just one half of the equation, and the superhero think tank known as the Justice Foundation is the other.

What will these heroes be doing if they aren't fighting? By their own admission, they'll be working to invent new technology, develop advanced medicines, and propose concepts that can actually change the world. They are giving back to the people, and superheroing will never be the same again.

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So, we know what the Justice Foundation's mission is -- but who are they? Let's break it down.

The Evolution of the Justice League

The Justice League of America is no more, but it's not because the team broke up. Batman's public-facing group has evolved and discovered they can do more than ever thought possible. They've turned Mount Justice into a center for innovation and inspiration for an all-new generation of heroes, and though the fight for justice will still be fought, the Foundation will avoid doing it with their fists.

Some of them, like Frost and the Atom, are scientists first and foremost. Caitlin Snow never wanted to be a superhero, and she spent most of her career seeing her powers as a curse. Now, it's an opportunity to give hope to others and concentrate on using her brain alongside her abilities. Ryan Choi only became the Atom in order to help find his mentor Ray Palmer, and now that he's fulfilled that mission, he feels comfortable finally getting back to the work that matters.

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The Ray and Aztek have routinely focused their efforts on helping the community over saving the world. Unsatisfied with the way the Justice League of America can help on a local level, these two can now direct their amazing powers toward helping everyday people live better lives. Instead of being called away to punch some people, Nayeli Constant can focus her attention on the people she has sworn to protect, and Ray Terrill can be where he feels most needed.

Vixen and Black Canary, meanwhile, will guide these heroes in accomplishing their new mission. And though he was never a superhero, Xenos is there too, ready to put his talents as a weapons engineer and architect to good use for once. He's wanted to do good on the second chance the team gave him, and now there's nothing stopping him from achieving his full potential.

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