JLA Goes International this summer, Dixon catches up with "The Flash"

Once upon a time, before Grant Morrison gave the core JLA team a shot in the arm and made the book into the runaway hit it is today, another iconoclastic writer, Keith Giffen, made DC Comics' premiere superhero team one of the hottest in comics. He did it with a mix of humor and by making the Justice League of America go international.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

"I was just assigned the Flash annual for this summer," Writer Chuck Dixon told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "It's a 48 pager with art by Quique Alcatena.

"The DC Annuals this year will have an international theme. Quique and I will be creating some new South American heroes and villains never seen before. And they're wild! They're all based on folklore. Quique is like a walking encyclopedia of world mythologies. These characters are going to be really unique."

That's not all Dixon has coming this year, of course. In addition to "Robin," "Birds of Prey" and "Nightwing," look for his work on several other projects.

"I'm also doing three of the 80 Page Giants this summer: Batman, Nightwing and Robin. The Batman Giant features Calendar Man with seven chapters all by different artists. Graham Nolan and Mike Deodato are already on board. The Robin Giant has art by Dougie Braithwaite and features a LOT of guest stars and a major continuity story. The Nightwing Giant has yet to be determined. A 5th week stunt by me and Scott Beatty was just approved for this coming August. I can't give any details right now except to say that it involves all the major characters of the DCU.

"I also have a new monthly at Marvel that I'm not free to talk about."

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