JLA 1999: Guest Stars, In-Fighting & Imps


returning the Justice League of America to the top of the sales charts, having

them fight Martians, rogue Angels, travel time and space, kill a future version

of the company's number one villain, Darkseid, and face down a world-conquering

starfish twice, one might think writer Grant Morrison had run out of ideas.

Think again.

At the JLA panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Morrison and series

editor Dan Raspler gave out some hints of what to look for over the next 18


Former Justice Leaguers the Atom, Captain Marvel, and Animal Man, whom Grant

Morrison put back on the map with an acclaimed DC/Vertigo series earlier in

the 1990s, will all be stopping by. Captain Marvel, who hasn't been part of

the Justice League in almost a decade, will appear in the books in four months.

The story involves the League battling evil fifth-dimensional imps, and ties

directly into an issue of "The Flash" from last year featuring the original

Flash, Jay Garrick, Johnny Thunder and a pink pen.

That story will be followed by a team-up with surviving members of the Justice

Society of America, the Justice League's 1940s forerunners.

And the strain of the upcoming Superman story line where he'll be staying

in his Superman identity nearly non-stop to avert as many tragedies he can will

lead to him assaulting Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. And that won't be the end

of Leaguers laying hands on each other: Aquaman will eventually snap at reluctant

Leaguer Orion's sneering at the superheroic ideal, and attack him as well.

Escape artist-superhero and former Justice Leaguer Mister Miracle (the husband

of current Leaguer Big Barda) will also be stopping by:

"What he does," explained Morrison, "He just walks through. The best security

system in the world, and he just walks through."

Grant Morrison's archvillain Prometheus, who was supposed to be capable of

taking down the entire League single-handedly, but who was defeated by Catwoman,

will be back, as part of a new Injustice Gang.

This new gang will include JLA arch-enemies, but won't use the "opposite number"

approach used last time, during the "Rock of Ages" storyline. Among the members

will be Lex Luthor and Ra's Al Ghul.

"Don't tell Denny" O'Neill, the Batman editor, Raspler joked.

"It'll be much harder," Morrison said, "The Justice League's worst enemies."

Morrison acknowledged that many fans were outraged that a villain who took

out Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the League could be stopped

by Catwoman's whip to a rather sensitive spot. Prometheus wasn't expecting to

deal with a supervillain, he explained, and that it was essentially his first

time at bat as a supervillain. He won't be making the same mistake twice, however:

Prometheus will have the abilities of the world's supervillains in his helmet

database, as well.

Fans of another classic Justice League of America foe, the Crime Syndicate,

an otherworldly version of the Justice League made up of villainous counterparts,

will be back in a 96 page hard cover graphic novel next year, with art by Frank

Quietly. After the concept of parallel Earths was done away with in the 1980s,

the Crime Syndicate were made aliens from the other-dimensional Qward. While

Morrison isn't ignoring what was done with them, look for them to be based on

a planet directly opposite Earth behind the sun, a planet that will be moving

closer to Earth and precipitating the crisis to come.

And the rumors that Grant Morrison will be leaving at the end of 1999 seem

to be somewhat exaggerated. Not only did he not have any formal end date in

mind, but "we just bought you guys six more months with a conversation we had

last night," fellow panel member Mark Waid said.

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