JJ Abrams Is Shopping a New Sci-Fi TV Drama to HBO & Apple

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J.J. Abrams is plotting a return to television in a big way, with what could be his first new show in a decade.

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The co-creator of Lost and Fringe plans to take audiences into space with an ambitious sci-fi drama that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is being shopped to Apple, HBO and other networks.

While details are thin, the project is said to focus on scientist mother, her husband and her daughter, all of whom are caught in a terrible car crash. With the mother in a coma, her daughter rummages through her belongings in the garage and is transported to a far-off land in the middle of a gigantic battle with a "monstrous, oppressive force." It all sounds very Star Wars, but also perfect for Abrams' skill set.

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Interestingly, although he has served as executive producer on HBO's Westworld, the unnamed space pilot will be the first show he has created and written since Fringe in 2008Given his current relationship with HBO, it's no surprise the project is being shopped there. Also, in the absence of Game of Thrones, an Abrams production could be the perfect addition to the network's roster in the near future.

Bearing in mind that we already have Star Trek: Discovery, Netflix is moving forward with its Lost in Space reboot and Syfy is developing an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers, space dramas couldn't be bigger than they are right now.

Although Abrams is in the midst of rounding off the Star Wars trilogy by writing and directing Episode IX, it sounds like his TV show will be a top priority after that.

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