Bendis Announces First Two Jinxworld Projects From DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis has announced the first new Jinxworld titles that will be released under his exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

As revealed today in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con, Bendis will reunite with Alias collaborator Michael Gaydos for Pearl, described as an epic romance set among warring Yakuza factions in present-day San Francisco. Debuting in August, the series centers on Pearl, a tattoo artist and "accidental assassin" who becomes entangled with her counterpart from another faction.

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Bendis will also re-team with artist David Mack (Kabuki) for Cover, inspired by a true story in which a comics creator is recruited by an intelligence agency to live a double life as a spy. The announcement from DC Comics name-checks films like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and The In-Laws in its description of the series, which arrives this fall.

Pearl by Michael Gaydos
Pearl by Michael Gaydos

The industry was surprised in November by news that Bendis was leaving Marvel Comics after nearly 18 years for a “multifaceted, multilayered” exclusive deal with DC. That begins next month with a 10-page collaboration with Jim Lee in Action Comics #1000, and continues with the Man of Steel miniseries and continuing runs of Action Comics and Superman.

The agreement also includes the return of Bendis' creator-owned Jinxworld titles under the DC umbrella, and the launch of a new curated custom imprint.

Cover by David Mack
Cover by David Mack
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