DC's Newest Legacy Character Debuts in Bendis' Batman Story


When writer Brian Michael Bendis announced he would be reviving the fan-favorite Young Justice title for his Wonder Comics DC imprint, the headline grabber was the reunion between Tim Drake, Conner Kent and Bart Allen. However, other superheroes were revealed to also be a part of the team, like Amythest of Gemworld and new characters like Naomi, a new Green Lantern hacker, and Jinny Hex, the descendant of DC's western hero, Jonah Hex.

Fans may have to wait until January 2019 for Young Justice to hit stands, but Jinny Hex just made her DC debut in Batman Giant #4, Part 2 of Bendis and artist Nick Derington's "Batman Universe" story for DC's Walmart initiative.

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The story sees the Dark Knight's search for Jinny Hex take him to a small unnamed town, where he steers the Batmobile into town in broad daylight. After a rather entertaining conversation with an older woman outside a car repair shop (she quickly tells him The Joker can't be found there), Jinny and Batman meet face-to-face. Even though Jinny can find the humor in Batman paying her a visit, she takes offense to his line of questioning surrounding a family antique jeweled egg she donated to a museum.

We also learn a few details regarding Jinny's personality, including whether she's aware of who she's related to in the DC Universe. She's not afraid or intimidated by Batman, money isn't important to her, her mother recently passed away, and yes, Jinny knows Jonah is her great-great-grandfather. What we don't know is what Jinny is hiding. Once Batman drives off, she heads back to her shop to open a chest containing a picture of Jonah Hex and who knows what else.

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Could these be items Jinny's mother left to her after she died? Though we've only just met her, Jinny seems like the type of person who would be intrigued with finding out more about her infamous relative, which could be why she's hiding Jonah's belongs. Or perhaps it's as smell as Batman snooping around raising her curiosity to the point where she will begin to research Jonah's long history, possibly leading her on a collision course with Young Justice.

DC has a long history with legacy characters, and Jinny Hex is the latest in this grand tradition. We'll have to wait and see how and if the antique egg plays into her Young Justice introduction, or if Batman had a deeper reason for tracking her down and disturbing her small town lifestyle.

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