'Jingle Belle' movie, 'X2' box office, 'Batman,' 'Justice League' DVDs, more: Comics2Film wrap for May 9th, 2003


Paul Dini's "Jingle Belle" is the latest comic getting thebig-screen treatment. Varietyreports that Revolution Studios has optioned the property for development as alive-action movie.

The movie tells the story of Santa Claus' rebellious teenage daughter.

Producer Steve Tisch and GMG Films partner Gary Goodman originally held theoption and are on board as producers. 

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production shingle brought the graphic novels into Revolution. Sandler and partner Jack Giarraputo will exec produce. Dini isalso an executive producer. Ford Gilmore will co-produce.



According to numbers published late Thursday by BoxOffice Mojo "X2: X-Men United" did, indeed break the $100 millionmark during the first week of its run.

"X2" took in almost $4.9 million on Wednesday, carrying it to atotal domestic take of over $103 million in just six days on the screen.

The movie faces little competition this weekend. The biggest new movie comingout is "Daddy Day Care," the family-oriented Eddie Murphy laffer.Chances are the "X2" will continue as the #1 film this weekend,although the appearance of DC Comics' The Flash may lure some comic fans to theMurphy movie.

After that, the real battle begins. Next weekend "X2" will face offwith the much-anticipated "Matrix: Reloaded." 



ToonZone.netreports that Warner Home Video has released the specs for the next wave of"Batman Animated" and "Justice League" DVD releases.

The next title in the dark knight series is "Batman: The Animated Series- Out of the shadows. 

The disc contains four episodes of the animated series including the two-part"Two-Face" introducing Batman's divisive villain, "It's Never TooLate," which puts Batman in the middle of two mob bosses and "I've GotBatman In My Basement," in which Penguin gets the drop on the capedcrusader.

The "Justice League" release is "Justice League: ParadiseLost."

This DVD contains both parts of the "Paradise Lost" story, in whichWonder Woman discovers her homeland has been destroyed by a villain, and bothparts  of the "War World" story, where Superman finds himself onMongul's battle planet.

Both discs carry an MSRP of $19.98. They're due in stores July 22nd, 2003.



In an article detailing the efforts of Sony Pictures Animation, Varietytouched on the status of the "Astro Boy" movie. The year-old divisionlists a number of projects on the slate including the classic anime.

However, the report also indicates that no decision has been made about whichfilm will be first out of the gate. Never the less, "Astro Boy" isenjoying a resurgence in the popularity with a new TV show airing in Japan anddue to hit U.S. airwaves this year.

Eric Leighton ("Dinosaur") is still attached to direct. Producing"Astro Boy" are Don Murphy is for Angryfilms and Lisa Henson for TheJim Henson Co.



"Daredevil" will be the first Fox film to be released on the newD-VHS format according to today's Variety.The new digital tape format allows for the recording of high-definition videoversions of movies.



Spooon! The fans have spoken and Sony listened. C2F told you yesterdayhow you could vote to have "The Tick" released on DVD. Well, it turnsout the poll we pointed you to was old. The results had already been tallied andreported a few weeks back. 

TVShowsOnDVD.comreports that "The Tick," "Soap," "Newsradio" and"Dilbert" were among the winners. Those shows are said to be slatedfor the DVD release later this year.

Thanks to Armand (who wants a Guardiansof the Galaxy movie) for pointing us straight.

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