Ultimate Wolverine's New (But Temporary) Name Gets Straight to the Point

Jimmy Hudson

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #29 by Cullen Bunn, Nathan Stockman, Matt Milla, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Ever since Jimmy Hudson arrived from the Ultimate Universe to the Marvel Prime Universe, his teammates in X-Men Blue have only referred to him by his first name. And if there's one thing we've learned from superhero comics, it's that the good guys usually have a codename, even if their identities are public knowledge.

Marvel teased the Ultimate Wolverine's son would, in fact, finally be receiving a new identity in X-Men Blue #30, but Issue #29 jumps the gun when its revealed Jimmy is possessed by a Poison symbiote from the Venomized weekly miniseries. When Jimmy is forced to fight against the alien's evil impulses against Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Bloodstorm, he unveils a pretty uninspiring new moniker.

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When Jean begs for Jimmy to come home with them, he immediately lashes out. "Don't call me that!" he screams. "That's... that's not who I am anymore." Venomized saw Jean also become infected with a Poison and lose control of her body. However, she was able to break their hold and bring an end to their entire race with the help of her incredibly powerful mental abilities, save for the one currently attached to Jimmy.

When Jean states there is something about Jimmy's physiological and mental make-up that makes him different from other Poisons, readers get a glimpse at the many memories of the Poison and its mutant host.

This Is Your Life, Jimmy Hudson

In-between shouting matches and pleas to surrender, X-Men Blue #29 is peppered with memories from not only Jimmy Hudson's time in the Ultimate Universe, but also his Poison's conquests across multiple realities. When it comes to Jimmy's memories, we see him fight alongside the original, younger X-Men during their adventure to the Ultimate Universe in All-New X-Men #31-36. As for the Poison, one bloody memory features Marvel's superheroes from another reality laying dead at their symbiotic feet.

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The longer the Poison stays bonded with Jimmy Hudson, the more of his consciousness and memories will be stripped away, allowing the Poison to take over. It's during the ensuing battle where Poison Jimmy's new name is revealed.

That's My Name!

With the Poison in full control, the hero formerly known as Jimmy Hudson lets his attackers know who they're really facing. "This time, you face the last of the Poisons," he declares before following up with, "That's my name! Poison!"

In the pantheon of memorable, unique codenames, Poison lands somewhere in the middle territory. Sure, it accurately confirms what this new creature is, but it loses points for not being creative or original. One thing Poison can say is there isn't another character in the Marvel Universe currently using the name, so he gets the right of first dibs on it.

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We have to wait and see if Poison/Jimm remains a villain, or can be turned back to the side of good in X-Men Blue #30, and if the issue's solicitation is true and he ditches the temporary name for a legit codename.

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