Jimmy Fallon Hit By Sexist Claims

Never mind The Daily Show - Another late night comedy show has been hit by claims of sexual discrimination but, this time, the complaint isn't exactly what you might be expecting.

Former stage manager Paul Tarascio has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over his replacement on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon by Nicka Tolmafoff, whom he calls "a less qualified woman." Allegedly, when Tarascio was having trouble with Fallon before being replaced, the show's director told him "You know Jimmy. He loves his women," and as a result, he is now claiming that he lost his job because the late night star "just prefers to take direction from a woman."

Flimsy? It sounds like it to me, and NBC agrees, issuing a statement saying that "Any claim of sexual discrimination is without merit." The EEOC hasn't issued a statement on the matter yet.

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