Jimenez Joins the Legion in "Adventure Comics"

The Legion of Super-Heroes looks for the best and the brightest from across the galaxy to join their ranks -- and they just found one in the form of artist Phil Jimenez.

Announced today via The Source by "Adventure Comics" and "Legion of Super-Heroes" editor Brian Cunningham, Jimenez has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics in order to draw and co-plot the stories of the heroes of the 31st Century.

"Of all of the tentpole DC franchises, Phil has never tried his hand at the classic, iconic 31st Century -- and as the editor of both LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS, I was stunned when he asked to draw a short story in LEGION #6 this past year," Cunningham explained on The Source." "And the more Phil came in to drop off his penciled pages, the more we kinda geeked out on all things Legion -- particulary Paul's powerful and lengthy run during our hardcore fanboy days.

"We commiserated on how [writer] Paul [Levitz]'s 'Encyclopedia Galactica' info-captions would astoundingly have compelling stories within 15 words. And reveled in our mutual fondness for the gruff Timber Wolf," he added. "And gushed over Keith Giffen's unique design of the future -- with windowless, curvy structures -- and how it still resonates in 2010 as it did back in 1982. With Phil I found a kindred spirit, perfect for all the good stuff going on in the LEGION world right now."

Jimenez begins his "Adventure" with February's #523. The series stars members of the newly formed "Legion Academy," characters Jimenez himself had a hand in creating with Levitz in the aforementioned "Legion of Super-Heroes" #6. Back in October, when it was announced that Jimenez was jumping on that issue, CBR spoke with the artist about joining "Adventure Comics" full time. He responded then, "I hope so." Looks like that hope paid off.

"I've spent a lot of time thinking about the new kids and the senior class of Academy members and have lots of ideas for them," Jimenez had told CBR News. "I hope readers and fans respond to the idea so we can tell stories with these characters for a while. Each has a really interesting background and history to me. And they're young. I love the idea of writing and drawing stories featuring young people, about students, who can still learn and change and grow; who aren't old enough to have perspective and can still make big mistakes but who, at the end of the day, really want just want to be heroes and do right by the Legion and the universe."

Keep checking back with CBR for more on Jimenez and tomorrow's heroes in the pages of "Legion" and "Adventure."

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