Jim Zub Taking Over Uncanny Avengers Writing Duties

Canadian comic creator Jim Zubkavich, A.K.A. Jim Zub, has been announced to take over as writer on "Uncanny Avengers" beginning with #24, which will tie-in with Marvel's "Secret Empire" event series.

The news of the Udon Studios co-founder's new gig was followed by a brief interview with Marvel.com, in which Zub said, "I had fun starting my run on the book with the team thrown right into the deep end. Issue #24 opens with big action as the team gets caught off-guard and on the defensive. As the readers dig into Secret Empire, they’ll understand the bigger events that have pulled the team into this situation, while our heroes are still trying to figure that out on their own."

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The writer also revealed that after an action-packed two-issue start, he has plans to further develop the character relationships fostered under previous series writer Gerry Duggan's run, adding, "Gerry’s run emphasized that these characters stay together because of shared ideas, not just a government mandate or anything like that. They don’t have a charter or chairperson. They have an emotional, mission-based connection."

Illustrated by Kim Jacinto, Zub's run on "Uncanny Avengers" begins in June's "Uncanny Avengers" #24.

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