Jim Valentino's "normalman" returns for anniversary special!

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 29 April, 2004 - This July, Jim Valentino once again takes pen in hand to bring his groundbreaking satire of the comics industry back to life in the pages of the normalman Twentieth Anniversary Special.

Two decades ago, Valentino first brought us the tale of an everyman named norm, who, much to his chagrin, found himself stuck on a planet where everyone had super-powers EXCEPT him. By examining the overblown world of super-heroes through the eyes of an "almost" normal person, normalman took jabs at the history of comics and it's various clichés. Parodying everything from the Silver-Age Superman to Cerebus and American Flagg! After a decade away, normalman returns with a renewed vengeance.

"Originally normalman was a soft parody of the comics I grew up with" says Valentino. "But, somehow or another, after years spent in the trenches of the business it's wound up being more cynical in nature, more of a satire. The way I see it, it's cheaper than therapy."

normalman first debuted in the pages of Dave Sim's Cerebus, before graduating to his own full color title. The book ran for a dozen issues (plus a 3D Annual) before Valentino turned his full attention to more mainstream fare, eventually going on to co-found Image Comics. This time around normalman will take dead aim at the entire industry, in "Captain Everything – Superstar." Longtime fans will recall Captain Everything as the omnipotent but astoundingly dense hero of the planet Levram, and best friend of normalman.

Fans, retailers, conventions, "superstar" pros....no one is safe from Valentino's caustic wit

"Some people are bound to be offended," adds Valentino. "To which, all I can say (that's printable) is, sacred cows make great burgers."

The normalman Twentieth Anniversary Special will also include the first-ever reprinting of "normalman Goes Hollywood" from Epic Lite #1, and a fully annotated retrospective of the entire normalman canon.

the normalman Twentieth Anniversary Special is available for order in the May issue of Previews and will go on sale July 14.

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