Jim Valentino Steps Out of the Shadows and Back Into Comic Shops

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BERKELEY, CA -- 20 APRIL, 2005 -- Just last year, Jim Valentino gave hungry readers a dose of his original Image icon, ShadowHawk, with the RETURN OF SHADOWHAWK one-shot.

That was just a warm-up for what the rejuvenated Image co-founder has planned in 2005.

Beginning with SHADOWHAWK #1 in early May, Valentino is plunging back into comic creation in a big way. The new monthly SHADOWHAWK book signals the revival of Valentino's Shadowline; a revival that continues in earnest with the debut of another original Valentino creation, BLACKLIGHT, in June.

But first up is the new ShadowHawk. And according to Valentino, the character has changed with the times.

"We've re-envisioned ShadowHawk for the 21st Century," says Valentino. "No longer is he the back-breaker of the early nineties. This is a coming-of-age story that loses none of the action or drama of the previous series."

He also notes that readers unfamiliar with the earlier series will have no problem following the new title.

"Every issue so far is self-contained and part of a larger story arc," explains the creator.

SHADOWHAWK is co-written by Valentino and Jim Keplinger, with stunning art by Carlos Rodriguez and Albert Puig, and colors by J.L. Rio. Rodriguez was the winner of last year's Comic Book Idol contest, sponsored by the Comic Book Resources website, and it's only a matter of time before everyone knows his name.

"We've just put the second issue to bed and the art just keeps getting better and better," raves Valentino.

SHADOWHAWK #1 also features a preview of June's highly anticipated BLACKLIGHT #1. BLACKLIGHT is plotted by Valentino and scripted by Scott Wherle, with art by talented newcomers John Toledo and Marc Deering, and colors by Wildstorm veteran Kanila Tripp.

"This is our way of giving readers more value for their money," enthuses Shadowline editor Kristen Simon. "A full twenty-eight pages of story with two great features."

"The story picks up directly after events in SHADOWHAWK #1," notes Valentino. "It's about a young woman that's trapped in a dead-end life and is suddenly granted the power to escape it, if she has the courage."

Although the books are linked by the Shadowline imprint, Simon notes that the books themselves are self-contained, so readers need not read SHADOWHAWK to understand BLACKLIGHT, or vice versa. Simon is also quick to point out an interesting aspect of Blacklight's personality. This heroine possesses the ability to fly, which plays havoc with her...acrophobia.

"I'm not sure there's ever been a flyer that's suffered from vertigo before," says Simon.

SHADOWHAWK #1 will hit shops on May 4. BLACKLIGHT #1 (APR051658) is solicited in the April issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and will be in stores on June 29. Both books are continuing monthly titles.

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[Editor's Note: For more on the new "ShadowHawk" series, click here.]

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