Jim Starlin's "Cosmic Guard" TPB Ships in May From Dynamite

Official Press Release

March 24, 2005, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment announced today a collected edition for the critically acclaimed Cosmic Guard limited series by legendary (and cosmic) writer and artist Jim Starlin.

The series -- created, written and illustrated by Starlin -- was released in single issue form (6 issues) beginning in 2004, and was completed in 2005.

"[Jim] Starlin is one of the true masters of the comic book," said Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. "This collected edition will find a home alongside Starlin's other legendary creation - Dreadstar - in any reader's library. All part of the Jim Starlin library!"

The trade is scheduled to ship in May, and is available for pre-order now from your local comics shop, or directly from Dynamite Entertainment.


$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

With such past creative credits on high profile as Amazing Spiderman, Avengers, Batman (with the Death of Robin), 'Breed, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Odyssey, Dreadstar, Infinity Abyss, Infinity Crusade, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Marvel: The End, Thanos, The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist and a list of so many more, creator/writer/artist/visionary Jim Starlin presents the Cosmic Guard!

A young orphan is chosen by a mysterious light from space to become the latest in a long line of cosmic guardians, super-powered defenders who are charged with protecting the galaxy.

Featuring story and art from the legendary Jim Starlin, this trade collection features all 6 issues of Starlin's series, plus a cover gallery, and bonus materials! 144 page trade color collection.

"Nobody does "Cosmic" better than Jim Starlin!" -- Comics Nexus

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