Jim Starlin's Final Thanos Saga Begins With The Infinity Siblings


Thanos, the antagonist of the Avengers: Infinity War film, is one of Marvel Comics' most popular and iconic villains. A large part of his enduring popularity is due to the work done with the character by creator Jim Starlin. After introducing the death-loving Mad Titan in 1973's Iron Man #55, with co-writer Mike Friedrich, Starlin returned to Thanos a number of times to pen such celebrated tales as 1977's “The Final Threat”, and both the Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet miniseries in the eary-90s.

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In 2014, Starlin returned to Marvel and Thanos for a new cycle of stories. In February, he'll kick off his final, three-part Thanos saga with a brand new graphic novel Thanos: The Infinity Siblings, featuring art by Alan Davis. In the story, titular siblings Thanos and his brother Starfox reluctantly join forces with Kang the Conqueror for a strange and dangerous journey across time and space.

CBR spoke with Starlin about his story, the dynamic between his three cast members, and why he's finally saying goodbye to Thanos.

CBR: With Thanos: The Infinity Siblings you're kicking off a new cycle of stories about the Mad Titan. Does it connect at all to the previous cycle that wrapped up last year with The Infinity Finale? Which aspects of Thanos' character were you interested in exploring in this story?

Jim Starlin: Yes, this trilogy of graphic novels will most definitely be tied to the stories I have previously written and drawn involving everyone's favorite Mad Titan. In case anyone hasn't noticed, there have been three different Thanoses in the Marvel pantheon over the past few years: Marvel Comics' Thanos, the Thanos I've been involved with, and the movie universe Thanos, which we've only seen glimpses of so far. Can't wait for May to arrive. This series of graphic novels are set to be my final Thanos saga.

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Thanos: Infinity Siblings by Alan Davis and Ciane Dusk

The aspect explored in this yarn revolves around the Titan's relationship with time, what's left of his family and himself. All are complicated affairs.

The other title character of The Infinity Siblings is Thanos' brother, Eros, AKA Starfox. What's it like returning to Eros for this story? What do you find most interesting about his relationship with Thanos?

Eros was a bit of a throwaway character right from his inception. Like Mentor (now deceased) he was added to the mix to give Thanos a background story, a history. Time went on and I never really got back to Eros, to fill him out more. Others have written and drawn Eros stories and done some interesting things with the character along the way. But basically Eros has remained a very charming cypher, extremely one dimensional. So I thought adding a few new angles on his personality might be in order. Think about it. How normal could one be if while growing up your brother was Thanos? Holiday suppers had to be interesting get-togethers. Folks will be seeing a markedly different Eros from the one they know and will be surprised when they learn they've known him all along.

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