Jim Starlin Explains Why He's Writing His Final Thanos Story

When his three-part story starting in Thanos: The Infinity Siblings concludes, Jim Starlin is walking away from his most famous creation.

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Speaking with CBR, the legendary writer explained why the upcoming trilogy will close out his time with Thanos. "For quite some time, I have had the privilege of pretty much solely determining where our Mad Titan would go in his fictional life," Starlin explained. He co-created the cosmic villain with Mike Friedrich in 1973. Starlin has been involved in guiding Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet-wearing hand ever since, leading the character from one devastating cosmic story to the next."

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"Thanos is the property of Marvel Entertainment," Starlin continued, "and with the movies on the horizon, Big Purple is about to enter the rarified classification of being a cultural icon, a character bigger than the comic books, writers and artists that birthed him." Clearly, Starlin is referring to the fact that, once Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters worldwide next May, a movie starring Thanos as the main antagonist, the character will take on a whole new life of his own for millions of people.

"Marvel Editorial has made it clear they want fresh takes on the Titan, so who am I to argue with them?" Starlin added, recognizing that the character he created is bigger than himself. But before all is said and done, the writer still has a final, epic story left to tell.

"It’s been fun, Big Guy. Go out and have an interesting and entertaining life after."

Thanos: The Infinity Siblings is scheduled for release this February.

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