Jim Starlin, Alan Davis Reunite for New Guardians of the Galaxy Series


Longtime collaborators Jim Starlin and Alan Davis are taking another spin with Marvel Comics' cosmic characters in a new five-issue limited series titled "Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy."

The series will see the Guardians tackle a new threat in Mother Entropy, with appearances by the mad titan Thanos and Pip the Troll. Regarding how he landed the project, Starlin said "the 'Mother Entropy' series came about in a strange sort of way. I’d finished writing the last of the Thanos graphic novel trilogy and wasn’t sure I was going to do any more Thanos stories. But an unexpected hole appeared in my schedule and [editor] Tom Brevoort suggested writing a different kind of Guardians story." Starlin added that his "instructions were to come up with a Guardians story that could be read by fans of the movie Guardians or the Marvel Comics Guardians."

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As for Pip the Troll, his inclusion in the story came from needing an even number of characters. "My original idea for the story involved a switch around, which required an even number of characters, so Pip was enlisted to round the cast off to a half-dozen," Starlin said. "Kind of surprised Pip didn’t have more contact with the Guardians over the years. They seem like such a natural fit for each other."

Starlin revealed that Mother Entropy's motivation is to see love spread across the universe, but not everyone agrees with her tactics. "From Mother Entropy’s perspective, she’d say her chief motivation is love. All she wants is for everyone to get together and be one big harmonious family. Of course most would disagree with what Ma Entropy sees as a harmonious family. The Guardians certainly do. Why does she test folks? She wants the best to lead her family within our reality, of course. But, again, her definition of 'best' is open to debate."

Thanos, a frequent nemesis of the Guardians and created by Starlin, will only have a small role in the limited series. "Thanos’ role in this tale is very peripheral, determined more by his relationship with Drax and Gamora than by any personal motivation," the writer said. Over the last several years Starlin has penned connecting tales starring his creations, including the 2014 original graphic novel “Thanos: The Infinity Revelation”, the “Thanos vs. Hulk” miniseries, “Thanos: The Infinity Relativity”, "The Infinity Entity," and "Thanos: The Infinity Finale." However, "Mother Entropy" will be "pretty much a stand-alone story" according to Starlin.

When it came time for Davis to bring Mother Entropy to life on the page, Starlin said he "asked for mossy, gross and a bit pregnant and Alan delivered big time."

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