Jim Shooter returns to Marvel

Official Press Release

Jim Shooter, the former Marvel Editor In Chief, is returning to The House.

The veteran creator has been tapped to spin a new AVENGERS adventure, a

series he steered to new heights during the '80s. His first project for

Marvel will be an eight-issue series that will also mark the return of the

team's cosmic arch-nemesis known as Korvac. Senior Editor Tom Brevoort is

currently narrowing down his choices of penciler for the project, which is

scheduled for a release in May 2002.

"We're thrilled to welcome Jim Shooter back into the AVENGERS fold for this

brand new cosmic epic," stated Brevoort. "His issues of AVENGERS -

especially the legendary 'Korvac Saga' - still stand out in the minds of

many as some of the definitive tales of Earth's Mightiest. From what we've

talked about so far regarding the new project, Mr. Shooter surely has not

lost his touch!"

"With the Korvac story under way, and another AVENGERS-related project in

development, expect Jim to make a big splash in the Avengers' universe next

summer!" added Brevoort. "As they say, 'Once an Avenger, always an


"There were several balls that I started rolling early on in my first months

as EIC, many of them public knowledge, and many of them top secret,"

explained Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada. "Much like the upcoming

AVENGERS/JLA crossover, getting Jim Shooter writing for Marvel again was one

of those goals. During my early days in the comics industry, I watched with

great admiration as Jim began creating the beginnings of what would become

the Valiant Universe! It's because of that talent that we contacted Jim

early on, and along Tom Brevoort, we've taken much care in developing a

project that was going to show off his considerable skills!"

"I was warned from the onset that bringing Jim back to Marvel would ruffle a

few feathers, but the way I saw it, there was no downside," explained

Quesada. "First, I couldn't give a damn, and secondly, all the feathers

being ruffled are on all the right people. When you look back at some of the

greatest stuff ever produced within this company, a significant portion of

it was created during his tenure as EIC. So with that said, it's a pleasure

welcoming Jim back to The House!"

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