Jim Shooter and Mike Richardson to Attend C2E2 to Launch Gold Key

Official Press Release

Dark Horse and Classic Media announced today that this weekend's C2E2 convention will be the launch for the much-anticipated new Gold Key Comics program. Fans will have the chance to meet Dark Horse President Mike Richardson and creator Jim Shooter, and gain insider information on what to expect from this summer's upcoming releases. News of the line was first announced at San Diego Comic Con International 2009, and fans have been anxiously awaiting details ever since.

"Jim and I share a great affection for these terrific characters. We have some very exciting ideas on how to introduce them to a whole new generation of fans." said Mike Richardson, president of Dark Horse Comics. "C2E2 is just the beginning."


"I've done this long enough to know when it feels right -- and it does -- so there's a chance, at least, that it is. I stand on the shoulders of giants like Manning, Newman and Du Bois," said Jim Shooter. "On top of that I've had terrific support from Mike Richardson and Senior Editor Chris Warner, plus great art from Bill Reinhold and Dennis Calero. Overture, curtain, lights...!"

In addition, throughout the C2E2 weekend, Dark Horse will announce the creative teams and more titles in the works for Gold Key. Then, the new line will kick off in print only a few weeks later, on Saturday, May 1st, as part of Free Comic Book Day, and fans can look for exciting promotional Apps on iTunes in early May.


Doctor Solar, the first title in the line, will arrive in stores this summer!

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