Jim Rugg remembers that time Scarlett wed Cobra Commander

These Jim Rugg-drawn variant covers for IDW Publishing's G.I. Joe Special Missions comic aren't exactly new, and in fact some of them have already been released into the wild, but I thought they were worth sharing because a) they're awesome, b) I haven't seen them before, at least not all together, so maybe you haven't either, and c) seeing them as group shows Rugg has a theme going with them.

This one, I believe, was the variant cover to G.I. Joe Special Missions #1, which came out in March. This "untold tale" shows that time that Scarlett and Cobra Commander got hitched, and the wedding broke out into a full-on G.I. Joe vs. Cobra fight when Destro and Mutt got into an argument about who cut in front of who at the buffet table. That's how I like to remember it, anyway. I bet the wedding cake was a replica of the U.S.S. Flagg, while the groom's cake was a H.I.S.S. Tank.

I mentioned the theme -- each cover seems to be a tribute to a particular genre, with this one being romance.

And this one pays tribute to the crime genre, as Cobra goes in for a big heist and Roadblock tries to stop them. I hear he was just four days away from retirement, too.

Next is probably my favorite, because not only does it pay tribute to the horror genre ("AHHH! I'm made of plastic and this kid is going to cut the rubber bands that hold me together!") but also to the action figures that inspired the comic. Very cool.

Finally, we have the cover to that issue where the Joes traveled back in time and fought the dinosaur-riding Dreadnoks. Or not. This one seems to be science fiction, or "time travel," if that could be considered a sub-genre, a la The Time Machine.

And those are only the ones we've seen so far. Rugg, whose incredibly awesome Supermag is due later this month, indicated in his original post that he has at least one more of these covers coming. Will it be fantasy? True sports? I can't wait to see it.

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