Jim Reaper meets "Ghost Hunters'" Brian Harnois

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA: Silent Devil Productions, home of Dracula vs. King Arthur and The Devil's Panties, has announced that July's Jim Reaper: Week One will feature a back-up story teaming Jim, the reluctant angel of death, with fan-favorite Brian Harnois from Sci-Fi Channel's highly-acclaimed Ghost Hunters.

Plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night, the one-hour weekly TV show documents a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate hauntings around the country. According to Harnois, his involvement in the Jim Reaper project came about after series creator Dwight L. MacPherson contacted him.

"I was approached by my good friend Dwight MacPherson with a proposal to appear in several 'Jim Reaper' comic book strips. Being a lifelong fan of comics, I was more than happy to help him out with his new and exciting project. I have read JIM REAPER: WEEK ONE, and I feel confident that Jim will be one of the most exciting and innovative characters to come out in a long time!"

Jim Reaper is the story of the Grim Reaper's lesser-known cousin's nephew's son Jim and his various misadventures as he plays a substitute Angel of Death.

Jim Reaper: Week One is a 40 page full-color one shot. It appears on Page 340 in May's "Previews" with the order code MAY06 3369.

[Editor's Note: For more on "Jim Reaper: Week One," don't miss our interview with creator Dwight L. MacPherson.]

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