Jim Parsons Wants To Play The Riddler

While promoting the upcoming animated feature "Home" in an interview with MTV UK, "Big Bang Theory" actor Jim Parsons came clean about the superhero role he most wants to play -- and surprise, that role is actually a supervillain.

"I would like to be a villain," said Parsons. "And I would really like to play the Riddler. I don't feel they're using the Riddler very much, are they?" The MTV UK interviewer seemed to agree with Parsons casting idea, proclaiming the notion "dope."

"Did you hear that?" continued Parsons. "I would be dope as the Riddler."

While the Riddler hasn't made a big screen appearance since Jim Carrey suited up in green in 1995's "Batman Forever," the iconic Bat-villain has a regular role in Fox's Batman prequel TV series "Gotham." On the show, Cory Michael Smith plays GCPD forensic scientist Edward Nygma, the man perpetually on the verge of becoming the riddle-writing bad guy.

You can watch Parsons give his Riddler response in the video below.

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