Jim Ottaviani talks comics at Nobel Museum

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Jim Ottaviani, writer and publisher of TWO-FISTEDSCIENCE, DIGNIFYING SCIENCE, and FALLOUT will speak atthe Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden as part of theMuseum's Fall "Cultural Series on Creativity." Hishistorical fiction comics about scientists are part ofthe Centennial Exhibition of the Nobel Prize, which iscurrently on exhibiting in both Stockholm and Oslo,Norway. The Exhibition has future stops scheduled forJapan, Korea, and the United States.

"When I see 'Nobel Prize,' 'Cultural Series,' and myname in the same sentence, I wonder if I've entered aparallel universe. But I just received the program bookfor the fall lectures and there's 'Jim Ottaviani,'right there in cold type. (It's the only thing I canread, actually, since the rest is in Swedish.)

"The series information, in English, is also on theweb, so I guess it's real.

"Seriously, even though I'm nervous I'm also excitedand honored to have this opportunity. I can name manyfolks who are more qualified to act as ambassadors forcomics, and will indeed discuss them in the course ofthe talk, which I'm calling 'Comics art and science:Telling Stories with Pictures (That Don't Move)'. Iplan to cover some comics theory, the process of goingfrom ideas to images, and close with some thoughtsabout using comics to reach new audiences, especiallyas they relate to the sciences. There are so many finecomics to talk about along the way that keeping thetalk within the allotted time will probably be mybiggest challenge."

The presentation will be held on 22 November 2001 atThe Nobel Museum, Brshuset (Stockholm Stock ExchangeBuilding, Gamla stan) from 18:30-19:30. For moreinformation, visithttp://www.nobel.se/nobel/nobelmuseum/program/index.html


Jim Ottaviani, a former nuclear engineer who now works as a librarian at the University of Michigan, writes comics about scientists for G.T. Labs, whose titles include TWO-FISTED SCIENCE, DIGNIFYING SCIENCE, and the newly released FALLOUT: J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER, LEO SZILARD, AND THE POLITICAL SCIENCE OF THE ATOMIC BOMB.

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