Jim McCann, come on down! <i>Lost Vegas</i> writer hits <i>Price Is Right</i>

Jim McCann  answered the summons untold millions of people have longed to hear: "Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right!"

The writer of Return of the Dapper Men and the upcoming Lost Vegas appeared on Thursday's episode of the long-running CBS game show, where he was called down to Contestants' Row by announcer George Gray in the opening moments. I won't spoil anything, but McCann did make it onstage with host Drew Carey (as you can see above), and he did play "Any Number." To see how he did, you'll have to watch the episode online for yourself (sorry, the CBS video player won't embed).

"You don't see it, but I hugged EVERYONE on contestant row," McCann revealed on Twitter. "Also, you can't hear ANYTHING so you have no idea what others bid. [...] Something else you don't see: I almost fell going on stage and once I did get there, I went the wrong way. D'oh. [...] And so ends my life-long dream of being on a game show. Next up- become a game show HOST!!!!"

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