Jim Lee's Full Justice League Leaks Online

When the new iteration of DC Comics "Justice League" monthly leads the way to the publishers 52-title September relaunch with its own #1 on August 31, fans know that the new "big seven" of the DCU will be meeting for the first time. However, it appears they won't be alone for long.

Yesterday, popular comics-related glass maker 'Toom Tumblers released an image to its Facebook page of some Jim Lee promotional art to be used in an exclusive glass the company will sell at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. The image (whose final glass version can be seen here) was soon picked up by ace DC fan blog DC Women Kicking Ass who notes that it apparently reveals the full line up for the Geoff Johns-written relaunch comic.

Aside from the known heroes who would grace the series from Superman to Cyborg, the image reveals in its margins eight other characters likely to round out the new Justice League. They're numbers include Deadman, The Atom, new character being introduced in the "Flashpoint" crossover Element Woman, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Aquaman's wife Mera and another female character who is as of yet unidentified (though DC Women Kicking Ass has a list of potential candidates).

In all likelihood, this 13-member lineup won't be hitting the "Justice League" comic for a number of months, however as DC is already preparing to promote the full team, it seems likely that these heroes will be around the DC Universe for a while to come.

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