Jim Lee's FCBD Cover Art Showcases the Mysterious Pandora

DC Comics has released Jim Lee's cover for the publisher's Free Comic Book Day 2012 offering, an artist-jam issue to be written by Lee's Geoff Johns.

Debuting early this morning on DC's blog, the cover, which showcases the "big three" of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman along with the mysterious Pandora, was accompanied by more information about the issue. In addition to the cover, Lee is providing art for five pages of Johns' story, including a 4-page gatefold spread. In addition to the all-new Justice League tale, the issue will follow in the footsteps of DC's previous FCBD offerings, featuring preview material from the publisher's slate of titles with a specific focus on its "Second Wave" series, including "Batman Incorporated," "Dial H," "Earth 2," "G.I. Combat," "The Ravagers" and "Worlds' Finest."

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