Jim Lee Teases Project That Will 'Never See the Light of Day'

Before legendary artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee became one of the biggest names to work on the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, and after he made his mark on Marvel's X-Men, he was known for his less-traditional superhero work. First at Image Comics and later at DC, Lee used his Wildstorm imprint to bring a variety of different genres to life; "WildC.A.T.S." merged superheroes with sci-fi, for example, while "Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday" melded the worlds of technology and fantasy into a single adventure.

Well, despite his current focus on rebuilding the DC Universe as one of the overseers of the publisher's current Rebirth initiative, Lee obviously still has non-superhero ideas in his mind. Ideas he recently took to Twitter to share with fans, albeit with the bittersweet message that the following artwork is for a project "which will likely never see the light of day."

As for why the post is tagged #gws, we're not sure, though we're leaning toward it standing for "girls with swords" rather than the more traditional "get well soon" meaning the hashtag typically carries.

Justice League Dark #7

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