Jim Lee Shares DnD Drawing Collaboration With His Daughter

DC Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee has shared an adorable collaboration piece of art that he worked on with his seven-year-old daughter.

The picture, which Lee shared on Instagram, depicts a bearded Hill Giant with a huge battle-ax strapped to his back. The Hill Giant stands there in a menacing stance as a range of enemies attacks him, including a Blue Dragon spewing fire, multiple archers shooting arrows into the air, a green jeep and even a helicopter. Lee explained that the piece is based on Dungeons & Dragons, reflecting on how he would spend hours in his kitchen during his childhood drawing in the manner he's encouraging his daughter to do.

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"Drew a DnD collab on the kitchen table with my multi-talented 7 year old daughter!" Lee wrote. "Drawing for hours in the kitchen as a kid was a big part of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of St Louis. #bluedragon v #hillgiant #archers #helicopterguy #dungeonsanddragons #pencil #coloredpencils #typewriterpaper #whatsatypewriter she asks…"

Dungeons & Dragons has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity within pop culture over the years, having been featured in hit shows such as Stranger Things, Critical Role and Community to name a few.

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