Jim Lee's Art for Man of Steel's Steelcase Blu-ray Is Absolutely Stunning

Jim Lee is one of the reigning kings of variant covers, so it should come as no surprise that his illustration for the steelcase Blu-ray special edition release of Man of Steel is a jaw-dropper. Lee illustrated the special cover, which was colored by fellow artist Alex Sinclair.

The cover depicts a familiar scene for Superman fans. Superman stands in the foreground while, in the background, the planet Krypton explodes. An escape pod bearing a young Kal-El can be seen hurtling through space heading for its fateful encounter with Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville, Kansas.

Released in 2013, Man of Steel kicked off the DC Extended Universe and marked Zack Snyder’s first entry in the long-running cinematic universe. Snyder would eventually become one of the main architects behind the DCEU, going on to direct Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League before departing from the latter due to a family tragedy.

Man of Steel chronicles Clark Kent’s journey to find himself after leaving Smallville in the wake of his adoptive father’s death. Clark is eventually forced to go up against General Zod and his crew of Kryptonian insurrectionists when they attempt to terraform Earth and seed it with genetically-altered Kryptonians. The film was met with mixed reviews at the time of its release.

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