Jim Lee Remembers John Singleton with '90s Image Comics Photo

John Singleton Boyz n the Hood

In an unexpected overlap between beloved Hollywood filmmakers and comic book icons, artist Jim Lee shared a memory looking back on John Singleton’s “gamechanging” comic book love.

Yesterday, when the filmmaking legend passed, celebrities from across the globe poured out love and support for the filmmaker, looking back on his decades of action films, comedies and pointed observations on modern race politics. Lee joins in with his Instagram post, remembering a side of the creator that could have gone overlooked.

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“Way, way back before superheroes and comic book mythology took over pop culture and the box office, there was the amazing, insanely talented director @johnsingleton coming to Image Comics book signings at @gapplecomics," the post reads. "Having the support and recognition of true comic book fans like John was gamechanging at a time when Hollywood really didn’t know what to make of these heroes in capes and cowls and the creators who told their tales. #RIPJohnSingleton"

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With mega hits like Boyz n the Hood and 2 Fast 2 Furious, John Singleton was a major figure in pop culture for many years, somewhat mirroring Lee’s blockbuster success in the comics industry. Nevertheless, they both explored art outside of the mainstream structure, making it all the more poetic that they met due to Lee’s work with Image Comics, rather than one of the Big Two.

Singleton is survived by his parents and his seven children. He was 51 years old.

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