Jim Lee Shares His First Ever Comic-Con Commission Sketch

Acclaimed comics artist and DC Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee shared a piece of artwork he was commissioned to create at the first Comic Con he attended. The drawing is a 1987 sketch of Marvel’s Guardian with an inscription that reads, “To Scott, Thanks for your patience.”

“A commission from 1987, from my first [Comic-Con International in San Diego] ever," Lee wrote on the post. "15 clams and this beauty could have been all yours! I remember trying to get like 10 of these done, each and every day. Pulling in $150 felt like all the riches in the world. In truth, I think this shows anyone can become a pro if you hang around enough.”

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1987 wasn't just Lee's first SDCC. Lee got his start at Marvel Comics that year as well, providing artwork for Alpha Flight and The Punisher War Journal. He went on to work with Chris Claremont on Uncanny X-Men before he started his career at DC, where is now Co-Publisher.

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With the upcoming release of Detective Comics #1000, DC is putting out 33 variant covers from various famous artists, including Lee. A number of the covers, including Lee’s, have been released via Twitter.

Detective Comics #1000 is scheduled for release on March 27.

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