Jim Lee Shares Early Look At His Legion of Super-Heroes Story

Bendis Legion of Super-Heroes

Later this year, the Legion of Super-Heroes will make their grand return to the DC Universe in the pages of the Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium miniseries, with Brian Michael Bendis manning the script duties. One of the artists contributing to the story is none other DC's Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, who has shared select pieces of artwork from his part of the miniseries on his social media accounts.

The first image, uploaded to Instagram, features longtime DC villain King Shark possibly lunging at someone, his jaws wide open as if he were about to eat them.

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The second image, posted onto Twitter, features an unidentified female character who appears to be in a battle in some kind of rocky terrain.

Lee doesn't go to any details regarding the images, though he does make jokes about being on a low-carb diet and the workload in the respective posts. Though, from the images alone, it would appear these two characters may show up in the story, but their roles are not yet known.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 goes on sale Sept. 18, followed by Issue #2 on Oct. 2 and the launch of the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series in November.

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