Jim Lee Discusses Key Differences Between DC Universe, HBO Max

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After a couple years of fanning the flames, the streaming wars officially ignited up this summer, with numerous powerhouses like Disney and Warner Bros. announcing their own standalone subscription services for audiences to keep up with their favorite films, shows, and extended universes. This, unsurprisingly, has lead to a bit of confusion for certain properties, particularly the future of DC Universe, the all-in-one app for the pop culture giant's digital comics, original live-action series, and films.

In a recent interview with ICv2 from San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer, DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee, talked how their DC Universe service will fare against the long-awaited announcement of WarnerMedia's HBO Max, which already appears to be encroaching on some of DC's territory.

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"I think there's always going to be room for a tool that allows us to engage directly with fans. That is the future, if I could borrow that line from digital," said Lee in the interview. "We have nothing really like it, so creating something that is the place where all DC fans can come together, buy, read, enjoy, connect, and communicate with or share community with one another is vital and important."

That said, Lee did concede that HBO Max will undoubtedly shake things up for their various film and television line-ups. "We're still going to have original content going through, but that slate is still being worked on. There'll be announcements going forward."

Lee also appeared to indicate a future focus on older properties and releases, as well as their digital comics offerings.

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"...Obviously a lot of people go on to watch the older material as well, the archived material, the library material," he said. "That's a big part of it. Then obviously the comics. There are a lot of readers that are just reading the comics as well, so it's a great value proposition.

"We love being able to communicate directly with the fans, and so we've been building up the real‑life experiences and rewards that you get out of being a member," Lee continued. "It's not just being able to watch what you want when you want, but actually coming to conventions like this and being able to go to activations, get behind‑the‑scenes tours, special products, meet‑and‑greets, all that kind of stuff."

While no official announcements have been made about shake-ups within their app, a recent HBO Max slate announcement trailer included DC Universe's Doom Patrol logo, along with Cartoon Network, home to the long-running Teen Titans Go! animated series.

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