Jim Lee's Batman #50 Cover Teases A Poignant, Possibly Tragic Moment

Batman and Catwoman's wedding is DC Comics' event of the year. The Bat and the Cat will be wed in Tom King’s Batman #50, a momentous event many are celebrating, including artists contributing to this special occasion. Today, Jim Lee posted the pencils to his cover for issue #50, revealing a tender and potentially heartbreaking moment between the two lovebirds.

Writer Tom King shared the beautiful cover with one word: “Whoa.”

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Standing in an intense rainfall, Batman caresses Catwoman’s face as she looks down, gripping the Dark Knight’s chest with her claws. Artist Scott Williams also shared his inks to this cover on his Instagram page:

More than a dozen artists are contributing variant covers to this epic issue, including Jason Fabok, Joe Jusko, Tyler Kirkham, Clay Mann and Neal Adams.

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The variants revealed thus far involve the bride, groom and some type of impending doom involving the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime seems to have his own deadly plans for the newlyweds, as teased in comics such as DC Nation #0 and the weekly Batman: Prelude to the Wedding one-shots. Whether it's a Joker playing card or heavy rain, there’s a storm cloud hovering over Batman and Catwoman's big day.

According to DC Comics’ synopsis for Batman #50, "It’s the wedding you never thought you’d see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can’t-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages.”

Tom King, Mikel Janin and Joëlle Jones' Batman #50 goes on sale July 4.

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