Jim Lee Art Makes a Cameo on This Week's <i>Big Bang Theory</i>

Pound-for-pound, and comic-for-comic, CBS's The Big Bang Theory has got to be the geekiest show on TV. Between the DC Direct and Star Wars statues littering the apartments of Leonard and Sheldon and the regular trips to the comic shop, there are all kinds of geeky goodness to look for around, and on, the sitcom's characters (they have a tendency to sport geeky shirts and accessories as well).

On last night's episode, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) met a cute comic book artist named Alice (Courtney Ford) who was really into him. Before telling her that he has a girlfriend in India, he showed off some of his favorite pieces of nerdery, one of which was a sketch by Jim Lee of Leonard's head on the body of Lion-O from ThunderCats (DC Comics corporate sibling Warner Bros. Television co-produces The Big Bang Theory). Entertainment Weekly got the scoop before the episode went live last night, but now we all get to enjoy this bit of mash-up goodness!

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