Jim Jefferies Show Lampoons Backlash Against Comics Diversity

Jim Jefferies Show

Jim Jefferies has been roasting institutions in America for years now, but the Australian comedian now has a show on Comedy Central where he breaks down and mocks the current political climate. This week The Jim Jefferies Show headed to Comic-Con International to take on fan backlash against efforts to diversify comics.

Both Marvel and DC have moved forward with campaigns to increase diversity, with more representation for women, people of color and LGBQT characters in their superhero stories. While many fans have embraced those efforts, others haven't responded so well to such changes.

Jefferies sat down with Richard C. Meyer, producer of the controversial comics review YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, to talk about the "current state of comics," and such characters as Ms. Marvel and Ironheart. Jefferies also spoke to cosplayers who argued for the importance of representation in comics. Among other things, they discuss the breast size of characters, the concept of fan ownership, and that Superman is the ultimate immigrant story.

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Jim Jefferies being Jim Jeffreies, he showcases some new superhero concepts, ike a version of Erik Killmonger who is a white woman calling the cops on Black Panther’s barbecue.

The Jim Jefferies Show airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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