Jim Henson fansite celebrates 10 years with artist-led cavalcade


lthough the Muppets and the gang at Sesame Street might be puppets, they've made their way into comics on multiple occasions, and with the 10th anniversary of the Jim Henson-centric fansite Tough Pigs coming around this year, a number of artists have chipped in to celebrate the occasion.

For this event, Tough Pigs reached out to a variety of artists, including those from the Muppets and Fraggle Rock comics, the Sesame Street storybook illustrators and even fan artists to celebrate the event and the impact of Henson's creations. One of the standouts of the bunch is the illustration at right by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, who also contributed covers to to both BOOM! Studios Muppets titles and Archaia's Fraggle Rock series.

Head over to the Tough Pigs site to see all of the artwork they've assembled, and look into the archives for other original art collected related to Jim Henson.

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