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Can Gotham Put Gordon In A Worse Spot For Joker’s Rebirth?

by  in TV News Comment
Can Gotham Put Gordon In A Worse Spot For Joker’s Rebirth?

He’s been a killer, a fugitive and a madman. But Jim Gordon’s latest twist on “Gotham” screws him harder than ever.

In the jealousy-driven thriller that is this week’s “Beware The Green-Eyed Monster,” Fox’s pre-Batman drama left the future Commissioner in a no-win situation. Rushing in to save his estranged love Lee Thompkins from her rage virus-infected, mafia heir, maniac husband (long story), Gordon had to shoot quick to save the day. But the timing of his blow not only felled the mad Dr. Mario Falcone. It also knocked the would-be killer’s weapon from his hand on off a cliff before Lee could see what was what.

While the show likely won’t go down the path of framing Gordon for murder yet again (his fellow cops had already proven the doc was infected with the virus), any fans hoping for a happy ending on screen for Jim and Lee will be waiting a long time. After this, there’s no chance that Lee will be ready to forgive the detective despite his season-long mended reputation. Heck, she damn near took Jim’s head off for confessing his love before he killer her husband. (see CBR’s full episode review here)

In perhaps his most desperate personal spot yet, Gordon’s journey won’t get any easier in the new year. When the show enters the next phase of its “Mad City” storyline, it won’t be dithering with its version of the Mad Hatter anymore. Tonight, the network aired a promo promising the return of the series’ take on the Joker (the undead redhead called Jerome) in the immediate future.

Mix Gordon’s low position with Bruce Wayne’s meeting Selina Kyle’s mother and the Riddler taking his personal fight back to the Penguin’s door, and “Gotham” seems poised to play with the core pieces of the Bat-Mythos in 2017.

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