Kickstarter Campaign Brings the Classic Comic Book Spinner Rack Home

Hop on the nostalgia train for your chance to purchase one of Jim Demonakos' classic comic book spinner racks on Kickstarter in the final 48 hours of the campaign.

As the founder of Emerald City Comic Con and a lifelong comics fan, Demonakos wanted to display his comics the old-fashioned way, reminiscent of the way he grew up seeing them in comic book stores, and hopes to bring the spinner racks into as many fans' homes as possible through The Classic Spinner Rack.

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The Classic Spinner Rack comes with features such as high-grade steel made in the USA; the ability to hold Silver Age and modern size comics plus graphic novels and hardcovers via large pockets; solidly built to hold an ample amount of weight and includes an oversized ball bearing to spin smoothly; and sign toppers designed by Comicraft's JG Roshell.

While the Kickstarter was backed in less than four hours of its launch, it has thus far exceeded its pledge goal by just over $60,000.

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Spinner racks are still available for $299.00 in white or black, and are also discounted at $50 less than final retail value.

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