Jim Carrey Would Love to Star in Another Batman Film

Jim Carrey, who chewed scenery as The Riddler in Joel Schumacher's 1995 film Batman Forever, is game for a return visit to Gotham City.

"I'd love to work in the new graphic novel versions of the movie," he tells MTV in a newly released interview excerpt. "I don't know about reprising the role -- I don't think Chris Nolan would go for that, but I'd love to work with him."

Apparently unaware that Nolan is no longer at the helm of Warner Bros.' Batman franchise, Carrey went on to recount how he and the filmmaker had developed a script for a Howard Hughes biopic that was ultimately scrapped due to the 2004 release of Martin Scorsese's The Aviator.

Carrey famously starred alongside Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman and Chris O'Donnell in Batman Forever, which featured a lighter tone than the previous two films and set the stage for the franchise-stalling Batman & Robin (which Schumacher, perhaps to his credit, has accepted responsibility for). Despite receiving mixed reviews -- and adding nipples to the Batsuit -- Batman Forever grossed more than $336 million worldwide.

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