Jim Aparo Batman collection coming in April 2012?

If you're like me and love '70s/early '80s Batman, you've been grooving on all the reprints from that era DC Comics has been releasing lately. In addition to the three Neal Adams collections, there's also a volume for Gene Colan and, later this year, ones for Marshall Rogers and Don Newton. Which raises the perhaps greedy, but justifiable question: Where the hell is Jim Aparo's?

DC hasn't formally announced anything yet, but while adding those other books to my Amazon wish list, I may have stumbled across the answer. Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo, Vol. 1, is apparently scheduled for April 10 of next year. The product description suggests that it will include mostly Brave and the Bold stuff, which makes sense as that's where he started his long association with the character. Presumably, future volumes will include his material from Detective Comics and Batman. I certainly hope so, because I've already got my money in my hand.

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