Jill Thompson's <i>Sandman</i> Movie Pitch Art Is For Sale

Fans of Neil Gaiman's seminal Vertigo series The Sandman have long dreamed about what Morpheus, the Dreaming and The Endless would look like on screen. There have rumblings of film and television adaptations over the years, but nothing has come to fruition so far.

At one point, Gaiman met with Warner Bros. to explain the property, bringing with him original art by Jill Thompson illustrating some of the comic's key moments and characters. As the writer noted Tuesday, that production art is now for sale for prices ranging from $800 to $950. Each piece features an important moment or character from the pages of Sandman done in watercolors on 13x9 paper. So, if you've got some extra scratch, you can pick up a piece of what might have been.

(via Superhero Hype)

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